I am a filmmaker and director since about 25 years.
That feels like a short periode of time if you love your profession.

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Creater and Writer

To me a blank page is unlimited potential. What is your concept? With the support of my talented, professional writers and storyboarding artists I will create original ideas that match your business needs. Creation to me also means staying within your budget. I work close with my team of producers to find the most efficient way to complete your project.

Director and Producer

Today, shows and conferences must be multi-faceted, multi-media extravaganza’s. These days shows and conferences have to be multi-media, extravagant-events. I understand and speak the  language understood by the various disciplines such as music composers, choreographers, actors, technicians, grips and filmmakers.  You will have nothing to worry about as I’ll be running your project from start to finish on-time and within budget.

Postproduction Pro

Time moves faster when deadlines are approaching. That’s why it’s so important to understand every single step in the postproduction process from loading raw footage to  finalizing master files for different occasions. When things get hectic you can count on my fifteen years of post production experience that includes multi-screen shows and feature films.


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 I am always interested in meeting innovative and passionate filmmakers, producers and sales people all over the world.